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Words: Olatz Zugasti
Music: Traditional./Brendan Graham


As the seagull skims over the waters it lets out its melodies

we warmly want to thank you who accompany us here today

Please take home with you
a memento of what we are regards and blessings to you and be welcome to our shore

A song based on an Irish tune (“The Fair Fair Land” see below*) on which Brendan Graham wrote the original lyrics. Olatz wrote the words in Basque language and released it in 2014 in Orio for the Kilometroak Big Party organized by the Ikastola (Basque School) in Orio (a seaside town in Gipuzkoa). The lyrics bid welcome to all the people who attended the event. Welcome to our shore. ”Agur eta Ohore” means: Best Regards and Blessings to you.

*The Fair, Fair Land was commissioned by RTE – Ireland’s national broadcaster – as the anthem for RTE Radio1’s Big Music Week, 2013 . Graham describes it as ‘A love song to Ireland, coming out of difficult times’.
First recorded as a single for Children’s Charity, Barnardos by The BIG MUSIC WEEK ENSEMBLE – Celine Byrne, Cathy Jordan, Nono Madolo, Eimear Quinn and the RTE Concert Orchestra, the Fair, Fair Land also featured on the EBU’s Tune In – The Music of Europe.


Words and Music: Olatz Zugasti

I like to walk all by myself along the infinite path

and, on looking around,
to know for certain that
wherever I go, you’ll be there,
to feel that my spirit gets stronger with every step I take.

I’ll light upon rivers and mountains, big cities with harbours,
but it’s you, who walk along with me, that heartens me,

even when the light goes dim....

While you stay with me,
what can cause my instinct to get befuddled, not to see the snares at the crossroads.
You blossom just like a rose in the morning in each bit of stillness
amid the clatter and uproar

There is no moment or place
that I did not get to know,
no solid universal principle
that did not stem from my own self going hand in hand with you, beyond all conventions


Music: Brendan Graham Words: Olatz Zugasti

It was the Night that prompted someone
to pick up that tune in writing
which has reached me as a message from you

You become a dream,
an eaglet’s flight
painting my blank canvas with the flow of life.

You have left a clean trail in me, you, a harbinger that drifts away gliding over the waves.

I hear say that you hold the seed of Wholeness,
that the Stars, the South and the Midday all dwell in you.


Music and Words: Olatz Zugasti

Just like the water slides down the windows, so do the dreams in your mind.
You crack a smile
in front of the mirror

while you put red lipstick on so the people can say
that you really look like a dolly

You come to me wailing and weeping, but what’s the purpose of it all
if you’re bound to disguise
your wounds again tomorrow?

Walking through bustling, crowded streets, the playground of oppressors,
pretending to go unnoticed,
are you at peace ....... or tamed?

When you are wont to take shelter
in the outside, the idle talk and appearances, when you just utter the flattering words
that will tickle the others’ vanity,
isn’t it clear enough
that you are anything but free....?



In the coldest night too, once the fire has extinguished
blazing embers still survive.
He launched a last glance to Baigorri from Izpegi
There is no equivalent to Kattalin’s shade


The roar of war has led him to run away
as battles compel him to kill his relatives,
he feels that this war is in no way his own
and cutting off ties with relatives, he heads for America

The further he gets into the arid lands and the farther the pier lies,
so does the burble of hope strike dumb.

The fact of being Navarrese and heir to the gentry of Baztan 
sets him free from listing in the Castilian troops
should he have been capable of speaking that strange language,
he wouldn´t be holding a weapon on his hands.


One day, as he was keeping watch near the Catalonian border
He could hear an old Basque song on the other side
He rushed in search of his next of kin
And at daybreak he was found amid “enemies”.


At dawn, with drums resounding
he fell backwards, directing his gaze towards Navarre.
Chaffinches moaning, wing their way from the tree,
in the distance the bells toll on the tower of Erratzu

The fact of being Navarrese and heir to the gentry of Baztan 
sets him free from listing in the Castilian troops.
Chaffinches screeching and flying off the trees
in the distance the bells toll on the tower of Erratzu


If I had two wings
I would immediately rush
to your window sill
to bid my greetings to you.

to your window sill
to bid my greetings to you
from my cloud
at five in the morning

It’s raining outside
I wonder if you can hear it
If I were rain too
I would immediately rush

to your window sill
to bid my greetings to you
from my cloud
at five in the morning


I’m on my way to America of my own accord
In the hope that there I will live better 

Fed up as I am of belonging here
Farewell, father and mother, best wishes to you

Aforetime did I have a son in America
Who left our country twenty years ago
Should you come across his trail
Do tell him that his father is still alive

I drink coffee twice a day
And go for walks whenever I feel like
No scarcity of food, drink or health
dear father, should these mores be also found in Donostia! 



One winter’s evening

you appeared at the door.

Your face grimy yet bright,

You, as bold as you were able.

Playing my harp,

and to ensure its possession,

you made me swear an oath.


Txirrita sung

the stories of your grandparents.

How some stole

while others danced.

And every Thursday, on Perkaiztegi Street,


were possessed by devils.


And you, hands in pockets, 

and with an evil gaze,

while you were wandering around the market, 

they came across your sister


one leg tucked under her skirt.


Maybe I’ll see you now

as you come and go.

Telling yarns to those

desperate for dreams.

Singing, guitar in hand.



M+L: Olatz Zugasti

Dark clouds gathering, tremors in the ground, insults lacerate
the walls of Itoitz. Dark clouds gathering, a prayer on my lips.

Oh our old fig tree,
our old fig tree,
your bounteous shade
that put all pain and angst to slumber. Oh our old fig tree,

drowned in denial.

Our old vegetable garden,
our old vegetable garden,
may the lament that sounds beneath the water soar high in the air with the rook.
Dark clouds gathering,
a prayer on my lips.


Words and Music: Olatz Zugasti

Beautiful words had been spread in the air, like polluting fumes
that swaddle the minds
in a dangerous comfort.

Holders of purported plurality gurus pretending equality, they only utter hollow words in a debate lost beforehand

Beautiful, empty words that by dint of recurrence will have us confined
in a cloud of vain hope

One, two, three, four, five .... fighting for the most pompous term;

in a happy-go-lucky party of alleged plurality, surrounded by a high and low fence.

Empty words, a sham of universality,
meaning so little and so much at the same time; words that influential thinkers
put in the lips of the people
words that will open the gates of the last refuge.


Leaving snowy footprints 
behind my nightly steps
I stroll along the streets
of Maule!
In the cold air
I am knackered 
My heart huffing and cuffing
Looking for my beloved one

I´m walking along the shady path
Warm breakfast up!
I´m not scared any more

The feathers of desire
glide towards you
The muffled outcry of pain
becomes purplish


With shivering lips
I do lie on your slope
Trembling, my veins 
blazing with love


(Felix Iñurrategiri)

The blizzard died down
The light sparkling overhead
It was all so swift
But also so sluggish
So unexpected!
That there was no chance
for fear and
with the serenity of despair
I was entering the depths of earth


I got entangled
In my recollections
Delhi! Almost a routine:
Waiting periods
Endless wrangling…
In the end:….. Katmandu
The blunders of the past

Had extenuated my mind


Do you remember 
Our farewell in Gasteiz?
It was to be the last one,
Which you did know for certain


Sweet queen and willow
Beautiful and graceful maiden

The king of Navarre
has pledged his word


That his three sons
Being worthy of a rose
The best of them will be for you,
Gorgeous and beauteous girl


Musika: herrikoia/Olatz Zugasti Hitzak: Olatz Zugasti

Era aunitz dago ni gatibu hartzeko,

arma mota ugari amore emateko

suzkoak eta hitzezkoak
eta ukamena, denetan bortitzena.

Zuk uzten dizkidazun bideetarik

bat zein bertzea hartzen dudalarik

igartuko dira nere begiak
eta oharmena, ene ihesbiderik onena.


Words and music: Traditional

On freezing, snow-capped, long winter nights,
while all others sleep snugly in their beds, we, poor us, go barefoot

May peace enter this house bringing forth wealth peace and wealth, well-being and health

Arantzazu, how do you fare? In Upstream-, downstream water, upstream-, downstream water. New Year will make us better

The lord of this house has a bag brimming with riches a bag brimming with riches and a silver sword

Good pasture grows in our garden, spilling a pleasant scent high up is the moon, and in the middle there is a marigold.

This is an old tune gathered in Urdiain (Navarre) and included in a song compilation by RM. Azkue. It is sung along by the local youth on New Year ́s Eve, as a welcome carol to the New Year.
It is believed that it was an ancestral ritual performed around the water as a purifying and healing element. The lyrics portray really beautiful imagery of nature and wintertime at its best in this bucolic land of the Basque Country.


In the shortest night of the year
I leave all moans behind
and search for a Comely Lover
who will caress me the whole time

Not necessarily must he be a prince
But one lively and witty
Slender and wondrous
Slender and wondrous
to arouse passion in me

I did fail to find what I was looking for
and, on the contrary, I got lost 
in the sorceries of a devil ….!!
lost in sorcery


Hitzak: Olatz Zugasti
Musika eta letra originala: Brendan Graham (Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears)

Ikastolak herriari (bera sortu duen herriari) egiten dion amodio kantu bat da hau, ez dezan inoiz ahaztu herriaren taupada dela eta hainbat asmo bete baditu ere oraindik asko dagoela egiteko.

Nahiago nuke banitu

hegal bizkor zabalak

joan ahal izateko

aise zure ondora

ta belarrira xamurki esan

nik maite zaitudala
piztu dizudan suziak

zugan iraun dezala.

Kantu hau nahi dizut

eman zuri herria
gu gara iturri zaharreko

ur berria.

Oraindik azi asko dut

zuregan landatzeko

esan ez ditudan hainbat

olerki eta asmo

elkar lotzen gaituzten sokak

ez dira apurtuko
bizirik gauden artean
bizirik gaudelako.


Kantu hau...

Ahal zutena eman zidaten

ta erakutsi itzultzen

haundia banago ere
zure albora etortzen

ez baititu semeak amak

inoiz alboratzen
ni zurea zu nerea
beti izan gaitezen.

Kantu hau...


I leave my house, like always

and head towards my old school.

It’s raining 

As I splash through dark puddles…


(Benito Lertxundi)

My country, a lineage of eaglets,
Its heart’s beatings ruled by the roar of oars

My country, a lineage of eaglets
Its heart’s beatings ruled by the roar of oars


Gilded by sun rays,
The hankering for victory pushes the rowing boat
For a long time the spirit of eaglets
Has imbued the Gulf of Bizkay with its spirit .


The cheerful early call of the sea 
Prompts the eaglet into its quiet dawn shelter
Salty seamen, reborn eaglets
Out of the joys and sufferings of water 


You will never sail alone
Your eaglet nature will be your breath on the way

You will never sail alone
Your eaglet nature will be your breath on the way


My country, a lineage of eaglets
Its heart’s beatings ruled by the roar of oars

My country, a lineage of eaglets
Its heart’s beatings ruled by the roar of oars


a, ni plazerra naiz 
ni basauntz bat naiz 
itsasora jauzika doana 
eta gauez beren burua 
hiltzen duten 
euskal olerkariekin 
eta haien gorputzak 
laztanduko dituzten 
lupin eta legatzekin 
Laga, Bakio eta Ondarraitzeko 
ondartzetan mintzatzen naiz 
ni haur jaioberria naiz 
Aturri ibaian barna 
ene arbasoen 
laztan eta fereken 
billa dabillena, 

Irlandako emakumeok, 
Euskalerriko emakumeok 
gure abestiz 
beteko dugu geroa 
belarrezko arparen 
itzalean eginen loa 
eta zuen semeak 
bretoi izanen dira 

Bizkaiko eukalitoen antzera, 
eta inork, inork ez du 
honen berri izanen 
debekatua bait dago 
gure amodioa, 

eta orain banoa 
eta barka kantu triste hau 
barka txoriekin besarkaturik 
gure itsasoko ur sakonetan 
murgiltzen banaiz 

Agur ene, Agur seme 
Agur itsaso, Agur Garazi 
Agur, Agur anai-arrebak 
Agur ene, Agur seme 
Agur anai-arrebak 
Agur ene, Agur seme 
Agur ene guztiak.

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